Ransomware Data Recovery

Ransomware Data Recovery

Have you been infected with ransomware?

With 15 years of experience in the field of data recovery, our highly trained experts can easily recover your valuable data from infected ransomware system. We can also guide you through the data recovery process and securely recover your data that might be considered lost.
Ransomware Data Recovery

Single Disk system £995

4-6 Days

Multi Disk SystemFrom £1495

5-7 Days

Critical Service From £1795

2-3 Days

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The way we can help you in this:

We have been dealing with such issues for many years and can recover your important data securely. Our experts have developed a unique ransomware data recovery method. This method has more than 90% decryption keys and can easily decrypt any data encrypted with ransomware.

We can recover your data from different types of Ransomware:

With our knowledge and experience, we can securely recover your valuable data from different ransomware such us DMA Locker, Locky, LeChiffre, CryptoWall, Maktub, CryptoLocker, CTB Locker, KeRanger, Coverton, TeslaCrypt, TorrentLocker and more.

How to know if your system has ransomware or not?

The system infected with ransomware can show following issues:

  • Renamed files with different extensions.
  • Notification showing your data has been encrypted, and you need to pay a ransom for data.
  • You won’t be able to open files or documents.
  • System application will not work properly.
  • Notification showing no antivirus software in the system.
  • Unexpected shut down of system.

Avoid doing these things in such situation:

If you found that your system has been affected with CTB Locker, KeRanger like ransomware, our advice for you will be shut down your system or server now. Don’t run any third-party ransomware software or antivirus software to remove Ransomware.

Things that we can do for you:

It is quite hard to decrypt encrypted ransomware data without proper tools and experience. But using our unique ransomware data recovery solution, we can deal with different ransomware. Our highly specialized engineer can easily decrypt most of the latest ransomware. We are not saying that we can decrypt RSA 2048, but for last 15 years, we have decrypted hundreds of ransomware successfully for all our clients in the UK and across the world.

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