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USB Stick Data Recovery

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With 15 years of experience in the field of data recovery, our highly trained experts can easily recover your valuable data from USB Sticks. We can also guide you through the data recovery process and recover your data that might be considered lost.
USB Stick Recovery

Software Fault £149

2-3 Days

Mechanical Fault£199

2-3 Days

Critical Service £495

1 Day

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USB Memory Sticks and Degradation:

Every device degrades with time; your USB memory sticks too. If you have been using the USB Stick for a long time, it can now start to degrade. Without informing you, it will cease functioning, and you won’t be able to use it. Contact us in such situation to get your data recovered from the damaged USB stick.

Physical Damage Can Lead to USB Stick Failure:

While moving the USB stick from one place to another place, you must be very careful. As these devices are very easy to carry, it can get knocked and dropped easily. Such physical damages can make it useless. If your USB Stick is not working now and you want to recover the data from it, then contact us now.

Damage of USB 2.0 Port in USB Stick:

USB 2.0 port helps the USB sticks to get connect with other devices easily. You can use your USB stick anywhere you want as long as it is in working condition. However, USB 2.0 port can develop issues in USB sticks. If there is an error in the USB 2.0 port pins and the USB port, you won’t be able to use your USB stick. In such situation, we will use our latest chip-reading software and recover your data.

USB Sticks Not Recognized by PCs or Laptops:

Corruption in file allocation table in the USB stick can make the USB stick unrecognized. Sometimes, firmware issues can develop such situation. If your PC is not recognizing the USB stick, contact us, and we will recover the data from the USB stick.

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